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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Messing up on the second day (2nd sem)

Guess what..i am officially in part 2 now ^_^ 

Tuesday 22/11/2011, this day heated up with BEL 260 2nd class on the 2nd day of my 2nd semester. Class Bel started on 8-10 am.. on 21/11/2011 i already got my first assignment...i have to write a letter to the future me,20 years from now...yup,night on 21st,the event where Malaysia vs Indonesia in football match and we won!!!!

but,i had an assignment to do and i left my room's key under my desk before i went to pusat islam (PI) to perform maghrib and asar prayer...then,i realized that i'm locked outside since all my roommates went out to watch football competition...during the BEL 260 class,the lecturer asked for the assignment and 8 of us freaked out. we do not know when is the due date to submit the task..luckily the class rep make it clear where he did not has our phone number because we are new in that class...hehe..i thought that i already messed up on my 2nd day of turns out i'm not.. i submitted it on 3pm because i have CTU class during that time...rushing all the way to the class..yahooo...what an unexpected day i'm having today XD

Friday, November 18, 2011

is that so?

When i was being a secondary student, i usually saw college students use their laptop to download things like movies and games rather than academic matters. watta heck?come on la, if i got laptop at that time,i'll make it worth...i turn on their lappy and all i can see was movies here and there....

after some time and i officially graduated from S.M Sains Bagan Datoh (sabda) in 2010, i got asus as my companion at UiTM penang...
since that time, i was talking to myself,lol i am being like them (the college student)...
why i'm saying that? it is because my lappy now downloading movies XD.. while i'm typing here,its appear that i'm bored and blogging while waiting for the movie to complete download :) at campus,its like i went back to boarding school, time for movies,study study study as the subjects getting complex by the semester...that's why whenever i free from classes,i sit back at my room and watch movies or gaming with my roommates :)
goodluck in ur study,it seems that my movies have finished download..time to watch..chow dulu..hehe

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Malaysia is a small country =="

Malaysia is a country that full with cultures....but i'm not gonna give a speech about cultures....if u all noticed,our country is really small compared to other countries... wherever you go you'll see somebody that related to your friends or family...

like my situation here in UiTM Pulau Pinang...there are many branches of friends' tree here,just i don't encounter all of them Facebook,whenever i clicked on people's profile,"MUTUAL FRIENDS" appeared....haha...i don't even know how my cousin can related to my friend...i mean,they study together? might have slight possibility....well i just knew that the person next to my room is friends of Nadiatul akmar,ariff fikri, amirul aziz and somehow taib.....he is SDAR students...

maybe when i pursue my studies overseas,the chances for encounter with friend will dropped slightly...but i believed whenever you go,you'll meet somebody that might have something to do with your friends,family even foes....haha....please do study.... GAMBATE NE!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You and I See

its been a while since my last post..well,i'm also student just like you all....maybe someday i will be a father to my children...who knows ^_^... as you know,i love nasyid very much...if you don't know yet...well,i'm telling you right now...since i was a kid, the team that whom i most adore was RAIHAN..then,as time past by...i attracted to another music band called U.N.I.C....they became one of my favourite nasyid band...most music files in my nasyid folder filled with songs produced by UNIC themselves..

for now,my favourite song is Tika itu by Unic..actually,it a lot from them..i just don't know what songs to make as my favourite songs..i just can list them in my Top play list...try to watch this video titled Tika Itu...i used to sing this song with KIM during my time at Kem PLKN Setia Ikhlas, Semenyih...okay,now i'm really miss that camp...whenever my heart is in sorrow and felt lonely..i sing this song ^_^..enjoy

before i forgot to tell you...happy Ramadhan..may this blessfull month be our month that full with prayers and many good deeds...i'm sorry if i'm done wrong towards any of you guys..ok...forgive me...

notes:selamat bersahur dan selamat berbuke kepada rakan-rakan yang saya sayangi

P/s:forgot already how to delete songs in my blog...sorry for the noise your heard..especially the english song

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, usually after Bel120 class, our class will play a game. We want to play POST-IT game but our lecturer said that the game just to crude for us to play. Then ms Rawaidah, our bel120 lecturer, suggest us to play a game called CHANGED WORD. For your information, my class, group L1 and L2 did not have any female student in it. So we all quite open for ourselves. Okay, the game goes like this, the first word will be given by our lecturer and will be continued by students. It’s a word per student. The word must has connection with the previous word. Means that, the story just about one topic sentence.
Let us begin. The word from the lecturer was “it was a bad day for me”

The word continued by first student and so on:

  • 1-      I met this two girls
  • 2-     Both quite cute
  • 3-    Then, one of the girl ask me
  • 4-    “where is the way to go to the toilet”
  • 5-    I told her
  • 6-    I follow her
  • 7-     After that I asked her to have lunch with me
  • 8-     She agreed
  • 9-     I tell her that I forgot to bring my wallet
  • 10-  I asked her to treat me
  • 11-  She declined
  • 12-   So we went to the hotel
  • 13-   We have a glimpse
  • 14-   We checked in
  • 15-   Then we walked to the elevator
  • 16-   We took the elevator to go the room
  • 17-   I went into her room
  • 18-   We sat closer
  • 19-   I started the conversation
  • 20-   she started with the sound “aaah~~~”
  • 21-   she saw a rat
  • 22-   I hit the rat
  • 23-   She threw away the rat
  • 24-   After the situation calmed
  • 25-   We did something good
  • 26-   Suddenly, I heard the door being knocked
  • 27-   It was my girlfriend
  • 28-   OMG
  • 29-   The end

So,29 students had blown their mind off cause of laughing. Then, terkantoi there was 1 student absent. Supposed to be 30 words.*what to do? Cannot help him..
there we go, my class bel120 always like this, finished lesson early and played games…

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It is really my DAY???

What comes up in your mind when I mention 15th JUN 2011?? Some of you might have just an ordinary day,well for me…the day quite bizzare than any other day…let me recall my wake up call..i got up earlier as usual,I had to go up to 8th floor of LAMAN PERDANA where HEP is..the objective is to register manually for KESATRIA..last time I online for register KESATRIA,all group already packed..then I had to do manually,so 8th floor here I go…but today when I got there,the staff said that try register online once again because he already update the site…so I went to cyber cafĂ© under my college BAIDURI and used open system,just about 6 minutes I register the course along with ASH and FAHMI cost 90cent..

This time my physics class was held outside the campus,I don’t know why but we rushed to bus and went to PERDA..pergh!! the aircond there just like at NORTH POLE..the class started with a rainy day around 11.30pm and getting heavier..the last student left the class was me coz I have some questions to ask en ASHMIR about vector..when I got out,everybody already gone to the campus,the bus isn’t there and the air getting more hour I spend for the bus to arrived and got back to campus around 1.15pm,my physics LAB class starts on 2.00pm…WAH!!!rushing just not enough for me…with no breakfast and after zuhur prayer I rushed to LAMAN PERDANA where physics lab destined..

I heard noises came from LAMAN SISWA,so I got there and Registration for clubs in on air…hehe..i used the opportunity to registrate the clubs that I have interested in..6 clubs I registered before I got in the lab..the clubs are-IMECHY-RAKAN PUSAT ISLAM-PUSAT KESENIAN ISLAM-PHOTOGRAPHY-IKRAM-ICTS…insyaAllah I’ll give full commitment..the lab finished at 4.00pm and rushed again to my room changed for KESATRIA outfit..done asar prayer,head to place where KOR being held around 5-7pm..i’m STARVED!!!well,haven’t got eat until 7pm..took a shower and fulfilled maghrib prayer and went off to BKBA 1.9 for BEL 120 class..10 students from my class including me convoy to the class,ermmm got lost while searching for the classroom..but found it after 15 minutes searching…the class somehow quite fun,,haha although for me,every bel 120 class was fun…the lecturer-miss Rawaidah always let us go earlier as usual..ended around 9.45pm and straight to foodcourt,treat my friend who just had a problem with the atm machine after the bel class where his money cannot comes out but already deducted..poor him so I treat him drinks…at that time I brought only RM3 so I went back to my room picking up my wallet and head to muadz’s room… I persuaded him to accompany me having dinner but for me,its my breakfast…

around 10.30pm we arrived at the i want to order nasi goreng daging merah but the shop already finished all ‘lauk’..just left nasi I passed,I head towards next shop, ‘maaf dik,makanan da abeh kedai da tutup’ ok fine…I  head to the burger shop, ‘bang,boleh order?burger daging satu’.. ‘sori dik burger daging abeh tinggal burger ayam’..hmmm,I head to another shop..all are not available to order..uhu…I got back to the burger shop.. ‘bang,burger ayam satu’then he replied, ‘burger ayam abih dik,tinggal oblonge dan hotdog ja’ ‘ok la bang oblonge daging satu’…I got back to muadz,he wanted teh tarik as his drink,so I went to the beverages shop and buy what muadz want…while I’m doing that,the brother from burger shop pad my back and said ‘dik,sori,oblonge abiih,tinggal hotdog je’ ‘ok bang saya trima ja’..then I back to muadz with the drinks…after a while,the brother came back and said ‘dik,abang minta maaf sangat2*muka bersalah sambil tersenyum,hotdog pun abih,tinggal daging ayam ja…roti suma abih’ ‘huhu..xpa la bang,saya x kisah pun*padahal..len kali je la’hmmm…it just like in movie senario where all meal finished…then I fininshed my beverages with muadz and the brother came again said ‘dik,nih ade orang order burger daging dan ayam,adik nak bli ka?’his sister laughted at me and I agree to buy it..alhamdulillah…muadz just enjoy the show of my hunger issues…he had his issue where his laptop troubles him about internet access..haha..then the guardian light off the lights of the and muadz back to our room and here am i..typing for my blog….what a day I had..really exhausted…fuh..thanks for reading..

The assignment getting a lot by the day….

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Begin of the new era!!

as you all noticed that,started 21st may 2011...most of our friends rarely online their facebook, means that they already gone somewhere in Malaysia to pursue their studies..well,some of them are getting prepared for further their studies abroad..alhamdulillah..korea,france,united kingdom..they will explore the place where their studies begin...for me,just chosen for UITM Pulau Pinang already made me felt grateful,syukran alhamdulillah...yezzaaa,thats why you probably seldom see me online my facebook...same as blogging, i've already search some place where UNIFI just about to activate..its just covered almost 60% of all the places in UITM Pulau Pinang...haha,yup,my room can detect a lot of wireless network but none of them give me internet access..*sigh ..

in this northern zone of Malaysia, is the place where i pursue my studies with the boys during my time at SMK Putrajaya Precint 8(1) and SMS Bagan Datoh...well,you can imagine yourself how exciting it could be when most of your friends are studying the same course with you.the feels is what i've gone through..but its just for temporary period only..when the classes started,WOW!!! want to meet my friends just like we study far far away from each other...once a week i can meet them,that time was a shock meeting them at Pusat Islam..that place most like our port to meet each other more often..cewah!!besides P.I,we also meet at cafeteria under underneath NILAM college...

do they think i'm here bring a luggage full of cash?!haa,sorry,they are totally wrong...but still i have a wonderful experience here,our MDS is not like they*the ex uitm students mention before...they just unlucky to get the senior that want to avenge what they experienced to all juniors...then,gratefully i'm declared that UITM DI HATIKU!!!enjoy your study =__________________=.......if you have time and have nothing to do,why don't you come visit us at UITM PULAU PINANG!!we will welcome you..ngeee~~~

Friday, May 6, 2011

when somebody u trust become..............

try imagine the situation that i'm having.....such a long journey with some friends that you can give all of your trust to him/her,i mean.....he/she always there for you....yela,hangout together,always pay visit at his/her classroom,dine together,study and all sort of things you both did together...thats so cool if you can imagine how the life is...all about you, he/she knows....wah!!still contact la after all he/she is the one you can rely on,shoulder for you to cry.....hummmm....

well,everything change when you feel that he/she starts looking at you as such a pain at the bottom...its like all the things being upside down...sorrow is my best friend right really hurts when your trust been crushed just like that...although when he around me,i don't feel the same way as before,i thought he can cheer up my day but totally i was wrong....*really disappointed but the loneliness doesn't last long,really kind friends ask me maybe i'm not contact with the sabdarians for awhile....just want to spend my time,healing...thanks Ridwan,zulhani,fatin amanina,hazim for always keeping me alive from the disaster,i don't know how to say but....i really appreciate you guys....thats why i'm out from publishing any entry..feels uneasy to write one...huhu...thx for reading my lonely moment....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my fault =____________=

this entry is not connected to the previous entry 

its already one of my habit to let the window of my room open except when out more than 3 days...i never ever closed the window whenever i went to sleep...its not bother me at all...just let the air flow pass through my bedroom everyday...good habit or what :)...i don't know when the last day i opened it..maybe two or three weeks before my last all know that bedroom is the place where most of it are private matter right?!i'm sure you agree with me..what?you not sure?okay,let me tell you what things you usually do in your bedroom.grooming is a must,i don't know where you groom everyday unless that in your own read,call the precious one,get undress,  prepare yourself for shower and sleep..etc...

those who have the same habit as better watch your back..stay alert bro!!!you don't know who else in your room..lately, i just came out from the shower and well...i play a song by mobile phone and enjoy while getting my shirt on...then somehow i felt chilled wind blow through my opened window,what do you think i will do??yup,i'll closed it..but when i got near to the window and before i close it i noticed that across the road,a women sit by her window and stared at me..i'm just about to dress up that time,well rumah teres la dikatakan..she stared at me until i shut the window closed..*dup dap ...nevous  

  *gulp  i don't know how long i didn't notice the matter and what else did she saw..i hope that its the first,i got my lesson..but to those who opened his/her window widely,better not be..don't be like is all my fault -___________-

Monday, April 25, 2011

just this time....

for this entry....i'll let go my egoistic,just once....just this time...this is the first and the last...its hard to let it go will make you change your mind towards the boys....well....some of them...*chill bro...take a deep breath and continue the story   okay....i' is okay to tell the story??*nervous waaaaaa!!!!i cannot believe what am i trying to i already let the ego off??i don't think so.....what to do??*kabut  yeah!!!i got it,i just closed my eyes and let me think that the purpose of this entry to change their perception about the we go......ARGHHH!!!!.i can't do it...i....can't tell them that boys do cry too...but not often....cannot proceed with the story...i'm sorry..let just wait for the comments...if they say go on...then what will do??*sigh

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hey you GUYS.....

HELP!!!spidey rushing to the place where villains messing things the citizens and hit that bad guys as hard as he credit from mayor and continue fighting for the sake of all people....or call 911,hey neighbourhood is on fire...and the call ends fighter do their jobs..put out the of the resident yell''What are you doing!!!after a while you shoot the water,the flame just got bigger??just aim right!!''...wah..chill bro..they know what they doing..after all,its not easy to put out some extinguished and the neighbourhood returned to the condition as before except for some house to be rebuild.....but my help is not kind of help....i'm not living in wonderland...

its crazy if i'm asking help from batman or superman etc.*sigh..... Help..anyone....someone...anybody....hehe..just noticed that when we combining the two words someone + anybody = anyone..get it??*or i just be fooled by myself? ....okay..we continue,my kind of help is kinda simple...its about my weight....during PLKN,it is around 51 and when i started fasting there,it drop to 47 and still.....i had eat a lot these days..and i really mean a just be my hobby now....i put myself on the weighing scale and TADA!!!the reading is same as before..47kg....*didn"t mean to brag .....need some opinion from my friends....

hmm...weight gain??got it comment from facebook,but i did check the price*memang la murah kan nak beli bende camtu... most people burn hundreds for lose their weight but me??spend hundred to gain weight??i don't think,other suggestion???no pills okay guys....others??losing more weight will drag my points from normal to underweight* aim is around this a right moment to use this word below?

Sunday, April 17, 2011


ceh....boys and girls are the same on how the way they think...boys said girls are complicated and so do the girls think about the boys...for me,girls really are complex...9emosi dan 1 akal??don't you think its quite hard for you to understand them?please say yes....true statement plak..if i'm wrong,please don't hesitate to correct me up...i don't know much about onnanoko(girl)...but let me tell you about otokonoko(boy) said boys are more complicated than girls,so let me reset your mindset...

have you ever heard about curiosity kills the cat??haha..sorry if i made mistake....but thats  represent most of the boys side...9 akal and 1 emosi right?simply called mystery that what boys love to solve...this just lead to ''aurat''... before i go with the mystery that boys love to solve...let me explain about girl's ''aurat'' we all know that nowadays,girls seem to be reckless about this matter...bak kata orang putih, show them what you got..then apelagi,dorang pun show la...dedah sini,dedah sana....masyaAllah....and some of they said..girls!!show them your asset....ish ish ish...konon nak pikat hati lelaki la tuh...okay if that the way you like,choose between DOSA atau Pahala ...same with Neraka or Syurga ....simple question...most of them must answered  the blue i right?depends on your here we go...

hmmm..let me story you about my mom's late younger sister .....she was white as snow,and she was very concerned about her ''aurat''...boleh kata cara pemakaian dia cam kat atas nih but tudung tuh lagi labuh...she was very warm and kind...but one day,when she going upstairs to her classroom,dia sengseng la kain tuk nek kelas but before that, dia turn left and right to check whether the boys are they not around..apalagi dia sengseng la kain nak naik kelas...but Allah datangkan dia pelajar lelaki masa tuh...Allah buat sebagai pengajaran kepadanya...the boys saw her and said''wey,cuba kao tengok kaki dia,putih giler...''... she noticed that..with red face she run away upstairs,takut la dikatakan...wah..sampai gitu sekali...erm..but girls nowadays kisah apa....orang kata putih la kaki dia...haha..da bangga da dia...nanti promote pulak product that she is using....ish ish she ngadu kat ayah dia(my grandfather)dia cakap...abah...saya nak pakai purdah......grandfather replied,orang pakai purdah nih sebab sekiranya dia ada penyakit atau kecantikan dia boleh mendatangkan kemudaratan kepada dirinya atau orang lain....okay,from here,kita amik pengajaran.....yang elok kita amik,yang buruk kita ketepikan..insyaAllah...please la....don't put on an outfit that too tight...hilang keayuan seorang muslimah...ish...kita nak tutup aurat bukan melapik aurat...renungkan lah..

what do you think about her??


yezzaaa....the mystery matter is more to girls...but boys love doing the solving matter...the mystery is,identity of a must not expose yourself to boys..let them solve by themselves...kurangkan bergaul dengan lelaki...what do you think when they said "perempuan sepatutnya senyap tapi tidak,kecoh giler" there no more surprise about you..your voice should slow reflects the thing about you...SHY is what you must have..don't let it go away easily...your beauty and your body shape are one of the things you should keep for your husband later on...itulah perhiasan diri seorang wanita kepada suaminya...and still the husband kene bayar mahar to get why give yourself easily to others...take care of yourself....any more add ups??sangat digalakkan...

renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal...insyaAllah

Think +VE!! they trust me??depends on them..but when i told them,they replied with sarcasm..ermm...people..everyone have their own opinion...friends??for me,it consists of both sex..male and female..but the way how treat both gender are different..ok fine...the boys said ''haha,man..ko layan gak perempuan''...when i walk at alamanda with the boys for movies, a girl,friend of mine, come to me...she said ''sombong an ko skang''..haha..ape laaa...alamanda is a shopping complex near putrajaya that most of my putrajayarians, whenever i see a girl whether from my SMK Putrajaya Presint 8(1) or SMS Bagan Datoh, i just say ''hey''...thats enough...just trying to avoid the word ''SOMBONG'' come out from her you know what the thing i told my friends until they replied with sarcasm??

just a simple thing---A.k  t.a.k  m.e.s.e.j  p.e.r.e.m.p.u.a.n--

ok...from here i know that some of you now maybe says that ''ek elle,poyo la budak nih'',''ingat ade budak nak mesej dia!!'' ,''bajet la dia nih!'' , ''ingat aku mati ke tak mesej ko''.....maybe this words come from their mouth... but still i stick with my you know that,many things unexpected can happen when a boy messaging a girl.. we should try to avoid the word  FITNAH!! ..come on la guys..we can' stop people from keep want we can do is avoid...what will you do if your girlfriend messaging with a anonymous boy??mesti soal kow kow punyer an!!....x ke kesian kat budak tuh??x pasal pasal kene sound ngan,suits yourself,but for me..i have other things to care about...its okay for a girl message me but remember that only a appropriate message i will reply such as an emergency or ask about hukum islam...think deeply before doing something...for your information,the only girl i message are those who have relative with me...if you want me to message you,marry my eldest brother...haha..just joking....haha...ignore the thing that i just said...


my apology to those who i not reply their messages.....i start not to message girl is in April...thats why previous month you still receive my message but its stop for your forgiveness ...and hakimah(kim),i'm very sory for not reply,i just don't know what the thing i should message back...if i could press the CTRL and Z button can undo my action,i'll do that...can you all do me a favour...??please don't give a harsh look on me when you see me wherever an whenever we will meet...we still friends...
till then...insyaAllah :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

conflict between nikman and a boy affect his facebook??

after wandering for a while...then i stared through the wall...i've been thinking ''sudah cukup ke amalan aku nak bawak ke akhirat kelak?''...out of the blue,someone knocked my door and called my name...''nikman!!ini aku la..bukak la pintu,biarkan aku masuk''...well,of course i let him in...then i asked him''ko buat ape kat sini?''...then he replied''aku datang nak tolong ko''....then we start our a normal person,i questioned him ''ko boleh tolong ak dari segi apa??''..................

boy : urm...nikman...i know you better than you know yourself...

nikman : well boy...i think you got a wrong person here,my dear..

boy : nope..i got you Nornikman bin Malek..i know more about you beside your full name and your ID number...

nikman : then,why don't you try me...

boy : as you wish...nikman malek,now you suffered from the way how  you seems to be wandering around act like a normal person,hang out with your friends..but worries lie within you are now becoming more complicated...while you around your friend,happiness is the thing that you showed  to tell them that you okay...but i know you better..remember that...

nikman : stop right there!!enough,okay!!i better than i,in what way can you help me through my misery life??

boy : first i posted at your facebook wall about FB...

nikman : (after saw the post)what the heck are you doing that to my facebook??who are you??how can you access my far as i know,only safwan and akif can access my facebook?how you pass the security network?

boy : i have all your password nikman seems like you don' know me..okay let me brief about myself.... name is nikman...

i'm the boy who already lives as much old as you live...end of intro,i am you can called me IMAN,i love that name very you know me??

nikman : wow!!okay!!its kinda weird and quiet confusing..

iman : confuse is a normal thing for now..

nikman : but..but...why did you do this to my facebook?

iman : okay nikman..i'm just want to help you..after subuh prayer...what did you do besides al-mathurat??online facebook right??here i am to manage your time said you want to lead people to a way that Allah about manage yourself to be the best first??in the way to be a better person on islamic way,you must put yourself as number one then you put other people...what you did in MAJLIS ILMU was great and now focus about yourself..

nikman : fine..but now,how am i supposed to reach my friend??

iman : haha..what a childish question that you are asking me??mobile phone...they can contact you from here and so are you...please nikman,be a grown man...without you they can still survive not that important to just wasting your time be around them..

nikman : hah?what?is that so??

iman : cool nikman...i'm just messing up with you but other than that is true...

nikman : so,iman...what am i supposed to do now??

iman : well,i'm already manage your time...tak kan nak suruh semua ana buat wahai nikman manage yourself...i just support you from inside...okay bro??

nikman : yezzaa...thanks a lot iman...without you..i don't what am i going to be...

iman : no worry la just need moral support...haha..helping you means that i helping myself at padang masyar later on...just promise me nikman...what Ali Zainal Abidin said to you,just do what he told..he just want you to success in your life and at akhirat kelak...insyaAllah

if anything goes up can roger roger me!!
no hal la you iman...

*well,thats what my facebook life gonna be...i'll try control myself about facebooking....maybe once in a month i'll online..but still i love you all ...

damn you machine!!!

most of the rich person have more than one air-conditioner..and for me it is enough with one air-cond...this was my second time overnight at my friend house at Taman Seri Putra...the night i'm having there is not the night like any other hotels that i have already friend here can sleep within zero degree in his bedroom...Pergh!!! i solute that..but please don't make me died from warm myself,i sleep early around 10.30 pm  in his blanket...with the air condition like almost in the refrigerator,do you thing i did sleep well??no wrong!!damn cold machine!!after subuh baru bleh tenang tidur after he switch off that device...i didn't blame my friend but i blame the machine...why not his air-cond like other air-conditioner in the hotel...when i'll grow up,i'll never ever have a thought to place the air-conditioner inside my bedroom...

*this story just for fun depends on a person to judge him/herself about the machine...