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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, usually after Bel120 class, our class will play a game. We want to play POST-IT game but our lecturer said that the game just to crude for us to play. Then ms Rawaidah, our bel120 lecturer, suggest us to play a game called CHANGED WORD. For your information, my class, group L1 and L2 did not have any female student in it. So we all quite open for ourselves. Okay, the game goes like this, the first word will be given by our lecturer and will be continued by students. It’s a word per student. The word must has connection with the previous word. Means that, the story just about one topic sentence.
Let us begin. The word from the lecturer was “it was a bad day for me”

The word continued by first student and so on:

  • 1-      I met this two girls
  • 2-     Both quite cute
  • 3-    Then, one of the girl ask me
  • 4-    “where is the way to go to the toilet”
  • 5-    I told her
  • 6-    I follow her
  • 7-     After that I asked her to have lunch with me
  • 8-     She agreed
  • 9-     I tell her that I forgot to bring my wallet
  • 10-  I asked her to treat me
  • 11-  She declined
  • 12-   So we went to the hotel
  • 13-   We have a glimpse
  • 14-   We checked in
  • 15-   Then we walked to the elevator
  • 16-   We took the elevator to go the room
  • 17-   I went into her room
  • 18-   We sat closer
  • 19-   I started the conversation
  • 20-   she started with the sound “aaah~~~”
  • 21-   she saw a rat
  • 22-   I hit the rat
  • 23-   She threw away the rat
  • 24-   After the situation calmed
  • 25-   We did something good
  • 26-   Suddenly, I heard the door being knocked
  • 27-   It was my girlfriend
  • 28-   OMG
  • 29-   The end

So,29 students had blown their mind off cause of laughing. Then, terkantoi there was 1 student absent. Supposed to be 30 words.*what to do? Cannot help him..
there we go, my class bel120 always like this, finished lesson early and played games…

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