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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Messing up on the second day (2nd sem)

Guess what..i am officially in part 2 now ^_^ 

Tuesday 22/11/2011, this day heated up with BEL 260 2nd class on the 2nd day of my 2nd semester. Class Bel started on 8-10 am.. on 21/11/2011 i already got my first assignment...i have to write a letter to the future me,20 years from now...yup,night on 21st,the event where Malaysia vs Indonesia in football match and we won!!!!

but,i had an assignment to do and i left my room's key under my desk before i went to pusat islam (PI) to perform maghrib and asar prayer...then,i realized that i'm locked outside since all my roommates went out to watch football competition...during the BEL 260 class,the lecturer asked for the assignment and 8 of us freaked out. we do not know when is the due date to submit the task..luckily the class rep make it clear where he did not has our phone number because we are new in that class...hehe..i thought that i already messed up on my 2nd day of turns out i'm not.. i submitted it on 3pm because i have CTU class during that time...rushing all the way to the class..yahooo...what an unexpected day i'm having today XD

Friday, November 18, 2011

is that so?

When i was being a secondary student, i usually saw college students use their laptop to download things like movies and games rather than academic matters. watta heck?come on la, if i got laptop at that time,i'll make it worth...i turn on their lappy and all i can see was movies here and there....

after some time and i officially graduated from S.M Sains Bagan Datoh (sabda) in 2010, i got asus as my companion at UiTM penang...
since that time, i was talking to myself,lol i am being like them (the college student)...
why i'm saying that? it is because my lappy now downloading movies XD.. while i'm typing here,its appear that i'm bored and blogging while waiting for the movie to complete download :) at campus,its like i went back to boarding school, time for movies,study study study as the subjects getting complex by the semester...that's why whenever i free from classes,i sit back at my room and watch movies or gaming with my roommates :)
goodluck in ur study,it seems that my movies have finished download..time to watch..chow dulu..hehe