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Life Responses

Thats who I AM
'No body'
when i feel nobody's existence around me..i access my MP3 player and run up some is the time i flash back my best memories with my family,friends and teachers...when the right song comes up and suits my feeling during that time,i'll hear the meaning of the song and copy its lyric..most of my lyrics in my book just about FRIENDSHIPS..

the word friendships just more than a word....its means a lot for me...searching for my classmate picture(loading)...found it ^^...the mp3 player keeps on playing the same song and i stared at the picture while listening to the music...tembos tanah kot ak tgk gmbr tu...then,tgh nyanyi tu...smiles appeared on my is the best medicine for me when i'm feeling lonely...maybe the people pass by right in front of me igt ak nih giler senyum sorang2...haha..what do i care...tgh layan plak ^^...they are my life encouragement..i have the right to make a memorial pole for them in my heart...haha...From the deep bottom of my heart :guys,i trust you all...miss you all


1st on my mind is when this camp(2 jan-13march) will end... balik is the word that most described almost 99% of pelatih KEM PLKN SETIA IKHLAS SEMENYIH(KEMSIS)....thats for the beginning of the most boring earlier month...kelas pembinaan maybe sound boring but after the 1st module ended,people starts to realize how miss them towards their group/organization...some of the 7 class held party before 2 weeks left to go home..mine was in SHUKOR 7....cikgu mila and cikgu aisyah,thx for all ur help to improve my lifestyle... physical activities is the activity for module activities start with me fasting...quite mencabar keimanan ble dorng minum air mse habis activity....i was in the bravo's company..lame kelamaan we all like a big family...all the teamworks,sharing,singing, buddy, "perniagaan" and all the denda that we all been through gonna make us a better person...thx RATNA for teaching me SARAWAK dance to perfom

...cikgu NORA,thx for your penglibatan for NASYID team...without u and cikgu TALIB,our nasyid perfomance will be lame...sorry BL4 and BL3 if i've done wrong and hurt u guys feelings...cikgu ASMURI,cikgu TALIB,cikgu SYAH,cikgu KAMARUL,thx for be our "FATHER" during our time in this camp...senang citer thx to all jurulatih and staff pengurusan in menjayakan this latihan khidmat negara...

13 march 2011 was the day my heart feels very heavy to leave the camp,,,tears all over the place..hmm...some places...all pelatih hugging and ask for their members contact number especially SARAWAK and SABAH...miss u guys very much....hope our friendship last long....

tough challenges going to meet they who will enter for previous pelatih,we will meet again on 2 julai 2011.......LIFE MUST GO ON!!!!