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Monday, July 14, 2014

Iftar with Nova-x

July 13 2014

It has been awhile since we, sabdarians being seeing each other. but that day, somebody had taken an action  to gather our schoolmates at restaurant nasi arab around Ipoh area. The purpose they held there is because for the guys who lived at perak. but well, most who attended are from Selangor region. These are the names who came : Ozzy, kamar, safwan, hasyim, nikman,zouk, afif, din, shafuan, ariff, ajen, rock, akif, taib, izwan, jaris,awer, daus, syaza rauf, afifah, syazliana. i hope nobody is miss stated there. yeah, it was fun. the journey, the laughter, the food, the sight seeing, etc. such a wonderful memories.

Done with the iftar, we headed to mamak's stall. if i'n not mistaken nasi vangreyy is the name of the stall. lol. 50-50 sure about the name. we exchanged stories, tell funny things years back when we still in SABDA. woah, we chatted until midnight, and just before that, most of the bros have to go back home. some of them have classes and works for the next day. so what left was just me, safwan, hasyim, taib, kamar, ozzy, zouk and awer. we sat there until 1.00 am and move to the next destination which at Seri Iskandar. Along the journey to Seri Iskandar, i passed through many places which reminded me my years from form 2 until form 5. but most unforgetful thing was when we passed through the area that once Allayarhamah sensei Normaya Mohktar lived. it was such a sad moment for me when all the memories with her brought back at that time.

But the sadness faded, after we reached restaurant Rahman to watch FINAL FIFA 2014. Argentina VS Germany. whoa! the game was quite a bit boring and somehow slow for me to watch. but at the end, with the 120 minutes game played, 5 minutes before the game end, Mario scored 1 goal for the Germany!! yezzaaa!!! at last, Germany won the game!  that game took my sahur time and almost make me hungry for the whole day.

After subuh prayer there, kamar, zouk and ozzy sent taib back to Bota while safwan, me and hasyim headed back home. it was such a tiring and sleepy journey. we had to make a stop at R&R to sleep for a while. we got hasyim back home around 10.00 am. safwan and i almost got lost at KL when we missed the path to KLIA and head towards SG BULOH. we turned around at Kota Damansara and traced back the road to Putrajaya. LOL. time,fuel and money wasted at that time but safwan told me " lek la, bila lagi ko nak lepak ngan ak". haha. but most time i spend with him, we always got lost. but its all gonna be the best memory for me after years from now.

thanks guys for everything. hope our friendship last till jannah. insyaALLAH. not to forget. please do pray for  gaza.

-Nikman Malek

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