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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

i've been missing u guys

Remember this beach? Pengkalan Balak, Melaka. 2 trips in a row we went there for Lawatan Industri. we stayed at challet nearby. although it was for an academical purpose, we have our own way to make it happening. semester 5 and 6 was the best semester throughout all the semesters. having to know u guys made my life more meaningful.

all the joy, anger, stress are part of 1 wonderful experience i am having. i'm grateful to ALLAH for giving me the opportunity of meeting u guys.

 Let me focus on these time(part 6-LI) of story. thanks so much to those who were incharge of making the trip a successful one especially to Sofia, Arumi and Afiqah. I know that i am just a photographer that snap pictures for the report later but
 my contribution was not that big if want to compare than u guys. The last minute matter caused by HEA, all u guys handled.

As a result, this trip was a blast. That night when we ate seafood cuisine was very delightful. it was cheap although all the dishes we took were seems quite heavy and too much.

 After that, some of us play carrom, poker and sat at the beach singing and consulting each other. it was quite memorable moment. at the Petronas' site we were having great time after all the lectures given back at the hall.

 [Nikman Malek]

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