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Monday, April 11, 2011

its was a great day!!!thanks a lot SABDArians...

8th April 2011-arrived and had rehearse during night
9th April 2011-the day where we had our graduation day(nova-x)

what a exhausted trip from Putrajaya to Sekolah Menengah Sains Bagan Datoh,Perak...arrived exactly 2.00pm..then after prays had been done,i had my breakfast for the day..huhu..this day i just ate two times only..3.00pm and 11.00 pm..i thought that want to riadah basketball with the boys..eventually there was a meeting for nova-x first alumni in Dewan Makan around missed the game with them..what a shame..when the meeting was called off by ustaz Azli,ape lagi kitorang bantai la riadah smpai 7.15 pm...haha..we all just ex-student of SABDA,so the rules is ours..

.just the time to have shower,we all(nikman,najib,jaris,fikar,saiful,aliff amri,fahmi,aizat,etc) in dorm al-12 which is now belongs to EMERALD,asked each other whether did us bring any soap or shampoo...colgate is the what i just brought...we all borrowed soap from the juniors..thanks a lot Juno..we had rehearsal after done isyak end up around 10.45pm..most of the boys(novas)just sat at the canteen and watch MAHARAJA LAWAK while having their,just went back to dorm for dinner and fell asleep when about Juno came into al-12..some of the boys to had dinner at pekan  bagan datoh..they borrowed ustaz Nadzri's car..makan x ajak pun...huhu
lepak dengan ustaz Nadzri moment

first early in the morning on 9th April 2011,i heard the doors across our dorm was been knocked..
argh!!bising la!!da la the last night i can't slept well because of the chill air we were having...around 8.00 i'm having breakfast at the canteen..the SABDARIANS already at court bola tampar while ustaz mohamad lectured them...we finished up our attires for the big event..yezzaaaa

faris fakhri

shafiq salmi
after the event that was launched by Zahid Hamidi...lunch at DM..yup.i'm and shafiq salmi had our lunch with my favorite teacher...joined after by miss shida..they kept calling the girl that busy bertugas to tease me...we all can go back home had DM lunch(maybe our last time ate there)...most of the graduates went back with their kept on boring when one per one graduates went back,we decided to go too..

we missed our first bus and had to wait for 5.00pm,zouk,purung,safwan adik,faris,shafiq salmi went back together...arrived at Teluk Intan..we bought bus ticket on 8.00pm sharp..while waiting for the bus,,we had our dinner(6.55 pm at the mamak's)...thats was truly troublemaker that one of the mamak was having..poor me that always keep on changing meal bcoz of there the meal i was ordered was out of stock..and shefon's beverage still not coming after a while waiting...he had drink issues with the workers..hehe..after prayed,we all jumped in the trasnasional bus ....riuh giler dalam bas kami buat...
then it comes to a deep silent..everyone went to sleep..haha..BUKIT JALIL is our destination...shefon and zouk went back with zouk's mom's,purung,faris,acim,taib,adik, bought a rapid train ticket to Bandar Tasik Selatan..seperated with purung left in the rapid train and straight head home...faris then went back home at BTS...while buying ticket,i met up with my PLKN member,Fidaullah..he just came back from Putrajaya and heading to Kepong..i bought ticket to Shah alam...

in the train,me.adik.taib,acim lepaking..haha..taib said that there should be no more train headed pelabuhan,i stop at KL central on 11.45pm..taib,adik and acim in the same train to sungai buloh and rawang..the night at the central was too quiet..shops all closed except for,my mom picked my up at central and headed to shah alam..then i fall asleep...thats all for the moment with my them much..haha..bye

wah!!gler sronok dapat lepak kat lam asrama..seres best.wlupun tdo agak sejuk malam tuh...but dpt jmpe juno,ikhmal,azuan ngan mohd nurfaiez mmg sronok..riadah basket..waduh..lame x main...time kat SABDA je la dpt gak dapt lepak ngan cikgu meme and ckg zalila...makan sonok kat plak gambar nova-x kat lam di DM..bangge siot...cikgu zalila kuar skali g pekan..agak best...hepy time tuh...tapi ble sume da nak blek kurg a rse dye..mse singkat lak...insyaAllah de mse stg la...just wait for the alumni..haha


smilenajah93 said...

sronoknye nikman!!~ haha~

nikman malek said...

haha..ape nyer yg seronok kim??