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Thursday, June 23, 2011

It is really my DAY???

What comes up in your mind when I mention 15th JUN 2011?? Some of you might have just an ordinary day,well for me…the day quite bizzare than any other day…let me recall my wake up call..i got up earlier as usual,I had to go up to 8th floor of LAMAN PERDANA where HEP is..the objective is to register manually for KESATRIA..last time I online for register KESATRIA,all group already packed..then I had to do manually,so 8th floor here I go…but today when I got there,the staff said that try register online once again because he already update the site…so I went to cyber café under my college BAIDURI and used open system,just about 6 minutes I register the course along with ASH and FAHMI cost 90cent..

This time my physics class was held outside the campus,I don’t know why but we rushed to bus and went to PERDA..pergh!! the aircond there just like at NORTH POLE..the class started with a rainy day around 11.30pm and getting heavier..the last student left the class was me coz I have some questions to ask en ASHMIR about vector..when I got out,everybody already gone to the campus,the bus isn’t there and the air getting more hour I spend for the bus to arrived and got back to campus around 1.15pm,my physics LAB class starts on 2.00pm…WAH!!!rushing just not enough for me…with no breakfast and after zuhur prayer I rushed to LAMAN PERDANA where physics lab destined..

I heard noises came from LAMAN SISWA,so I got there and Registration for clubs in on air…hehe..i used the opportunity to registrate the clubs that I have interested in..6 clubs I registered before I got in the lab..the clubs are-IMECHY-RAKAN PUSAT ISLAM-PUSAT KESENIAN ISLAM-PHOTOGRAPHY-IKRAM-ICTS…insyaAllah I’ll give full commitment..the lab finished at 4.00pm and rushed again to my room changed for KESATRIA outfit..done asar prayer,head to place where KOR being held around 5-7pm..i’m STARVED!!!well,haven’t got eat until 7pm..took a shower and fulfilled maghrib prayer and went off to BKBA 1.9 for BEL 120 class..10 students from my class including me convoy to the class,ermmm got lost while searching for the classroom..but found it after 15 minutes searching…the class somehow quite fun,,haha although for me,every bel 120 class was fun…the lecturer-miss Rawaidah always let us go earlier as usual..ended around 9.45pm and straight to foodcourt,treat my friend who just had a problem with the atm machine after the bel class where his money cannot comes out but already deducted..poor him so I treat him drinks…at that time I brought only RM3 so I went back to my room picking up my wallet and head to muadz’s room… I persuaded him to accompany me having dinner but for me,its my breakfast…

around 10.30pm we arrived at the i want to order nasi goreng daging merah but the shop already finished all ‘lauk’..just left nasi I passed,I head towards next shop, ‘maaf dik,makanan da abeh kedai da tutup’ ok fine…I  head to the burger shop, ‘bang,boleh order?burger daging satu’.. ‘sori dik burger daging abeh tinggal burger ayam’..hmmm,I head to another shop..all are not available to order..uhu…I got back to the burger shop.. ‘bang,burger ayam satu’then he replied, ‘burger ayam abih dik,tinggal oblonge dan hotdog ja’ ‘ok la bang oblonge daging satu’…I got back to muadz,he wanted teh tarik as his drink,so I went to the beverages shop and buy what muadz want…while I’m doing that,the brother from burger shop pad my back and said ‘dik,sori,oblonge abiih,tinggal hotdog je’ ‘ok bang saya trima ja’..then I back to muadz with the drinks…after a while,the brother came back and said ‘dik,abang minta maaf sangat2*muka bersalah sambil tersenyum,hotdog pun abih,tinggal daging ayam ja…roti suma abih’ ‘huhu..xpa la bang,saya x kisah pun*padahal..len kali je la’hmmm…it just like in movie senario where all meal finished…then I fininshed my beverages with muadz and the brother came again said ‘dik,nih ade orang order burger daging dan ayam,adik nak bli ka?’his sister laughted at me and I agree to buy it..alhamdulillah…muadz just enjoy the show of my hunger issues…he had his issue where his laptop troubles him about internet access..haha..then the guardian light off the lights of the and muadz back to our room and here am i..typing for my blog….what a day I had..really exhausted…fuh..thanks for reading..

The assignment getting a lot by the day….

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