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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Begin of the new era!!

as you all noticed that,started 21st may 2011...most of our friends rarely online their facebook, means that they already gone somewhere in Malaysia to pursue their studies..well,some of them are getting prepared for further their studies abroad..alhamdulillah..korea,france,united kingdom..they will explore the place where their studies begin...for me,just chosen for UITM Pulau Pinang already made me felt grateful,syukran alhamdulillah...yezzaaa,thats why you probably seldom see me online my facebook...same as blogging, i've already search some place where UNIFI just about to activate..its just covered almost 60% of all the places in UITM Pulau Pinang...haha,yup,my room can detect a lot of wireless network but none of them give me internet access..*sigh ..

in this northern zone of Malaysia, is the place where i pursue my studies with the boys during my time at SMK Putrajaya Precint 8(1) and SMS Bagan Datoh...well,you can imagine yourself how exciting it could be when most of your friends are studying the same course with you.the feels is what i've gone through..but its just for temporary period only..when the classes started,WOW!!! want to meet my friends just like we study far far away from each other...once a week i can meet them,that time was a shock meeting them at Pusat Islam..that place most like our port to meet each other more often..cewah!!besides P.I,we also meet at cafeteria under underneath NILAM college...

do they think i'm here bring a luggage full of cash?!haa,sorry,they are totally wrong...but still i have a wonderful experience here,our MDS is not like they*the ex uitm students mention before...they just unlucky to get the senior that want to avenge what they experienced to all juniors...then,gratefully i'm declared that UITM DI HATIKU!!!enjoy your study =__________________=.......if you have time and have nothing to do,why don't you come visit us at UITM PULAU PINANG!!we will welcome you..ngeee~~~


smilenajah93 said...

ahaks!! sape pulak nk visit kim kt UIA nilai nie?? haha

nikman malek said...

wan ahmad aiman kan ade kat UIA..dye bleh ja lawat kim..setiap ari lagi..hehehe..nikman jauh la..haha