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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Malaysia is a small country =="

Malaysia is a country that full with cultures....but i'm not gonna give a speech about cultures....if u all noticed,our country is really small compared to other countries... wherever you go you'll see somebody that related to your friends or family...

like my situation here in UiTM Pulau Pinang...there are many branches of friends' tree here,just i don't encounter all of them Facebook,whenever i clicked on people's profile,"MUTUAL FRIENDS" appeared....haha...i don't even know how my cousin can related to my friend...i mean,they study together? might have slight possibility....well i just knew that the person next to my room is friends of Nadiatul akmar,ariff fikri, amirul aziz and somehow taib.....he is SDAR students...

maybe when i pursue my studies overseas,the chances for encounter with friend will dropped slightly...but i believed whenever you go,you'll meet somebody that might have something to do with your friends,family even foes....haha....please do study.... GAMBATE NE!!!!

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