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Sunday, August 14, 2011

You and I See

its been a while since my last post..well,i'm also student just like you all....maybe someday i will be a father to my children...who knows ^_^... as you know,i love nasyid very much...if you don't know yet...well,i'm telling you right now...since i was a kid, the team that whom i most adore was RAIHAN..then,as time past by...i attracted to another music band called U.N.I.C....they became one of my favourite nasyid band...most music files in my nasyid folder filled with songs produced by UNIC themselves..

for now,my favourite song is Tika itu by Unic..actually,it a lot from them..i just don't know what songs to make as my favourite songs..i just can list them in my Top play list...try to watch this video titled Tika Itu...i used to sing this song with KIM during my time at Kem PLKN Setia Ikhlas, Semenyih...okay,now i'm really miss that camp...whenever my heart is in sorrow and felt lonely..i sing this song ^_^..enjoy

before i forgot to tell you...happy Ramadhan..may this blessfull month be our month that full with prayers and many good deeds...i'm sorry if i'm done wrong towards any of you guys..ok...forgive me...

notes:selamat bersahur dan selamat berbuke kepada rakan-rakan yang saya sayangi

P/s:forgot already how to delete songs in my blog...sorry for the noise your heard..especially the english song

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Zul Fattah said...

Selamat menyambut Raya Merdeka.. huuhu..
Maaf jikalau ada salah silap..