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Friday, April 13, 2012

Accumulated T.T

ouh!!! how can i leave my blog in this state.... it almost half a year since my last update. . .
within that period, i busy with my studies and association's  activities. . .
once i have my leasure time to spend with. . . i turned on my laptop just to update my blog but everytime i almost done with my current post, work and assignment called. . .right now i have tons of post that i want to publish but all of it is halfway done... *sigh
it has been 3 month i stayed in Penang without going back home...
the reasons are when holidays is coming, i have upcoming examination after the i decided to stay and study in order to achieve good grades...the next holiday,i have team building programme at pulau pangkor (3 days 2 night) during the holidays have been spent magnificently -.-'
after my final examinations done on 28th March 2012 . . . i have to attend my association's programme at kelantan for a week starting from 2-7th April 2012. . . but my flight was on 8th April 2012. . . done with the programme on 7th April, i had to stay with my foster sister's home at Kota Bharu along with my foster brother.... we enjoy our last day with quite some activities. . .
thats make my straight study session from 1/1/2012 until 8/4/2012. . . HOME SWEET HOME!!!

as my token of appreciation....... please enjoy one of my favourite video song ^_^

this video originally from korean drama titled your beautiful ^_^
thx for visiting.... sorry for the late update....really....hontoni gomenasai >.<

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